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What We Do

Earth Overshoot’s Community Outreach


Connecting the dots between population and our ecological footprint

Earth Overshoot is a nonprofit working to educate the public about the relationship between our unsustainable global population and the degradation of our planet. We do so in a variety of ways, each of which helps us confront the centuries of social, governmental and economic obstacles that have prevented us from acknowledging our human impact crisis.. Here are some of the ways Earth Overshoot is helping communities  understand and address the root of their environmental footprint ​instead of the symptoms of it.


Training Local Ambassadors and Overshoot Activists to Engage Their Communities.

Local Ambassador: Our “boots-on-the-ground” ambassadors are given the tools and information they need to give presentations, speak at local and regional events and advocate for Earth Overshoot’s mission. We provide information online as well as face-to-face training via Skype to ensure all of our ambassadors are equipped with the information they need to take action in their communities.

Overshoot Activist: A continuation of our Local Ambassador program, Overshoot Activists take their training to the next level by organizing events, fundraisers and meetups for local Earth Overshoot ambassadors, donors and friends to discuss ways to make an impact.


Educating Citizens on the Adverse Effects of Overshoot and Helping them Understand​ the Problems Associated with Population Growth.

Earth Overshoot is all around you. We travel the country and the world to give educational presentations at conferences, town halls, schools and civic organizations to ensure sustainability remains central to the discussion as we define ecological overshoot and what it entails.


Pushing Governmental Leaders Toward Positive Change.

We work to ensure leaders of governments from around the world have the tools they need to assess what level of population makes their country’s current economic activity  sustainable, giving them a better idea of the work they’ll need to do to ensure balance between their consumption, their population size and the healthy biodiversity of their country.

As part of that effort, we provide lawmakers and private citizens with ideas that can be implemented on a family, local, state or federal level to create meaningful change. Here are some examples of personal and legislative actions proposed by Earth Overshoot:

  • Make a pledge to adopt a small family ethic by having one or fewer children
  • Choose adoption when building a family.
  • Encourage friends to consider having a smaller family when determining family size.
  • Support the adoption of a carbon fee and dividend which accurately reflects the environmental cost we’re paying for our continued use of fossil fuels. (which rewards those who decrease their reliance on fossil fuels)
  • Tell your elected representatives to support Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Initiatives.
  • Support and fund organizations which promote access to family planning, girls’ education and women’s empowerment. Contact your elected representatives and those representing your country in international bodies to register your support.
  • Support measures that slow unsustainable population growth (e.g. increased education and access to birth control, etc.). Let your elected representatives and those representing your country abroad know that you expect them to act to eliminate ecological overshoot.


Witness the Dramatic Effects of Overpopulation and Gain Hope for the Future by Screening  the Documentary 8 Billion Angels.

8 Billion Angels, Earth Overshoot’s feature documentary, dispels rumor, misinformation and social taboos surrounding the issue of overpopulation by showing firsthand the people and places affected by the unsustainable growth of humanity. Learn more about the documentary and host a local screening by visiting

Read more about the impacts of unsustainable population growth in this recent report by the United Nations. Then, help Earth Overshoot spread our message by donating​ or volunteering.