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What We Do

Earth Overshoot educates the public, including students, environmentalists, politicians and civic organizers about ecological overshoot and the role that unsustainable consumption and population growth play in the health and well-being of their communities and the world at large. 

The goal is to help people understand the path we are on and the most practical and effective means in achieving a sustainable balance with the natural world.

How do we accomplish this?

Earth Overshoot does this by recommending actions steps we all can take:


Earth Overshoot increases awareness and understanding of unsustainable consumption and population growth through:

Community Screenings

Initiate a powerful discussion the effects of population by hosting an in-person or virtual screening of the documentary feature, 8 Billion Angels, for your school, environmental organization, civic organization, religious group, business, or conference. Engage with your audience afterward with live Q&A with the film maker or use the complimentary discussion guides created and tested by Earth Overshoot. 

Interactive Sustainability Workshops

What is sustainability? How do you truly measure it? What are the most feasible and effective strategies to achieve it? Earth Overshoot Executive Director and 8 Billion Angels Producer Terry Spahr will lead any size group in a lively open discussion that will refocus how you view our environmental emergencies and provide a guide for thriving in a new and different world. 

Media Outreach

Earth Overshoot helps the public make their concerns known to a wider audience by writing op-eds, letters to the editor, blog posts, appearances on radio program and podcasts. Using our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, we drive conservation and discussion about ecological overshoot and its connections to overpopulation in order to influence social behavior and inspire political action. 


including a monthly newsletter and supporting educational materials designed to keep our community members and the public at large involved and engaged regarding the current issues affecting ecological overshoot. 

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Infographic and short video

development to connect to the visual learning and entertainment preferences of the current generation who are already key influencers, but will ultimately be our world's future leaders and decision makers.