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What We Do

Earth Overshoot educates the public, including students, environmentalists, politicians and civic organizers about ecological overshoot and the role that population plays in the health and well-being of their communities and the world at large. 

The goal is to help people understand the path we are on as a world and help put systems, structures and expectations in place with individuals and institutions that will help us cope with the difficulties ahead, minimize suffering and increase social cohesion and cooperation.

How do we accomplish this?

Increase public awareness about the link between population and environmental degradation.

Instill an awareness of the impact of population and an appreciation of a small family ethic among young people before their reproductive years.

The film 8 Billion Angels showed the massive impact that humans are making on the environment in three distinct areas: The Land, Oceans and Air.  

Earth Overshoot will build on these actions steps as described in the film and on its website. These strategies include:

* Adopting a small family ethic

* Increasing funding of domestic and international family planning

* Supporting the education and empowerment of women and girls

* Deterring the use of fossil fuels

  • Initiate a powerful discussion on the effects of population by hosting a screening of the documentary feature, 8 Billion Angels for your school, community climate organization, civic association, religious group, business group, conference and other organization.  Engage with your audience afterward using complimentary discussion guides created and tested by Earth Overshoot.

  • What is sustainability? How do you truly measure it? What are the most feasible and effective strategies to achieve it? Earth Overshoot Executive Director and 8 Billion Angels Producer Terry Spahr will lead any size group in a lively open discussion that will refocus how you view our environmental emergencies and provide a guide for thriving in a new and different world.

  • Service Learning Programs
    Service Learning Programs

    Engage students with environmental service learning programs that invite them to explore community issues that they care about and to take action. EO gives them a real-world context for the concepts and skills in the curriculum. It calls on them to use their gifts and talents to speak out or act on behalf of others. (coming in 2019)

  • Media outreach
    Media outreach

    Earth Overshoot helps the public make their concerns known to a wider audience by writing op-eds, letters to the editor, blog posts, appearances on radio programs and podcasts. Using our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, we drive conversation and discussion about ecological overshoot and its connections to overpopulation in order to influence social behavior and inspire political action.

  • including a monthly newsletter designed to keep our community members and the public at large involved and engaged regarding the current issues affecting ecological overshoot. Subscribe here

  • development to connect to the visual learning and entertainment preferences of the current generation who are already key influencers, but will ultimately be our world’s future leaders and decision makers.