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It’s time to talk about Earth’s unsustainable population growth

51 years after the first Earth Day, time to return to a major concern for its founder

April 22, 2021

By Terry Spahr, For the Philadelphia Inquirer

Residents of the greater Philadelphia area are increasingly confronting the undesirable social, health, economic and environmental impacts of an ever-expanding city and region, including sky-high housing costs, increased taxes, overcrowded schools, gridlock traffic, inadequate parking, alongside air, water, light and noise pollution. Even on vacation at the New Jersey Shore, we can experience disappointing beach closures because of pollution runoff and overflowing or failing sewage systems. Read more here.

I haven’t had time to write a new essay, and I wanted a new post so newcomers don’t assume has shifted its focus to Covid, which is a confusing space populated by crazy people speculating about the intentions of our incompetent leaders. Thank you to reader Frank White for providing a good reason for … Continue reading "By Neil Halloran: A Skeptical Look at Climate Science"

I’ve decided to wait a little longer before being vaccinated, so that I can observe and weigh rapidly accumulating evidence for and against vaccination. I’m feeling social pressure to get vaccinated, and I expect that pressure to increase, so I’ve been thinking about how to discuss this divisive topic with people that I care about. … Continue reading "How to Have a Difficult Conversation about Vaccination"

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