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The mission of Earth Overshoot is to promote public and private action ensuring that sustainability

is central to all decision-making in order to achieve a society characterized by human well-being and

flourishing biodiversity.  Learn more and get involved.

Something big has recently changed in our culture. We no longer accept any unpleasant reality, no matter the costs of denying it, nor the benefits it might return in the long run. For example, parents who do not permit their children to play unsupervised for fear of a scuff. And school teachers who no longer … Continue reading "Removing the Safety Valves"

  A year ago I wrote an essay that tried to capture the depth and breadth of our predicament, and that offered a simple idea for increasing awareness, gratefulness, and temperance. If you’re not an engineer the essay may be a painful read because my goal was to communicate maximum content with minimum words in … Continue reading "Saving the World by Recycling My Garbage"