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Earth Overshoot works to make sustainability central to all personal and public decision-making through targeted education and advocacy in order to achieve a world characterized by human well-being and flourishing biodiversity.

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We don’t allow drunks to fly planes. Because we understand that alcoholism is common, partly genetic, and very dangerous at 30,000 feet. We therefore screen pilots to keep ourselves safe. And alcoholics support this policy because they also want to fly safely. Why do we allow our leaders to deny reality? Reality denial is common, … Continue reading "On Drunks Flying Planes"

I recently purchased a 6 piece queen sheet set for my bed and marveled at how something so useful, and so difficult to make myself, could be so inexpensive, costing only $30, or about 2 hours of my labor at minimum wage. I did a little digging and found this video on how fabric was … Continue reading "On Fabric (aka Fossil Energy is Indistinguishable from Magic)"