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We exist to create public and private action that will ensure ecological limits are central to all decision-making. Only then can we achieve a sustainable world characterized by human well-being and flourishing bio-diversity.  Learn more and get involved.

The concise modern history of the Fire Ape, also known as Homo Sapiens Oblivion Oblivious. Thanks to Tim Watkins for finding this graphic.

  Notice the tight correlation between CO2 emissions per person and standard of living: That’s not a coincidence as physicist Tim Garrett has explained: So if we ever decide to do something effective about climate change (assuming it’s not already too late due to self-reinforcing feedback loops) then that solution must include some combination … Continue reading "Mashup"

Tim Watkins has emerged as one of the most accurate and articulate communicators of our predicament. In today’s essay Watkins clearly explains both our problem and our options. There isn’t a hint of denial here.  Well done!   To express our predicament as simply as I can, it is this: In order to prevent … Continue reading "By Tim Watkins: The Green Deal is Hopium"