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Growing smaller gracefully to a more sustainable level is the single best way to solve our food, water, climate, energy, pollution and extinction emergencies. We can choose to lower population levels humanely by reducing our birth rates, or we can ignore all the signs of overshoot and suffer through worsening disease, famine, and conflict. The choice is ours. 

You can help by -

Starting a conversation with family and friends about the social, economic, environmental and health benefits of a small family. Need some talking points? Start here with this article from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Having one or no children is the most profound action that you can take to reduce your footprint on the planet. Consider having one or no children until our food, water, climate, energy, pollution and extinction emergencies are under control.

Sharing on social media why small families are the key to ending overshoot and bringing our planet back into balance.

  • Share this image to give your followers a dramatic visual showing the importance of small families
  • Use the hashtag #peoplecount and follow Earth Overshoot on:

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Contacting local, state and national leaders to support population policies supported by science-based reviews of your country's resources and consumption level.  


Click here and we can contact your representatives for you.